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TEL: 0572-2129580 0572-2129630


336 Licun Road, South Taihu New District, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China

Create first-class quality, establish a century old famous enterprise,
and become the most trustworthy partner

Huzhou Machine Tool Works Co., Ltd. wish you success

Huzhou Machine Tool Works Co., Ltd. will be thriving in the world, based on up-to-date equipment and quality products, innovative technology,intellectual staff and harmonious relationship

  • 350
    Existing employees of the company
  • 260+
    Own various types equipment
  • 100+
    Own the authorized patents
  • 200+
    Covering an area of more than 200 mu

Huzhou Machine Tool Works Co., Ltd. growing together with you

The charm and character of every excellent national brand are contained in ordinary and vivid true stories

Brand Story | Dream Chasing Journey Walking together with you

Over sixty years,we have witnessed the bumpy history of Huzhou Machine Tool Works Co., Ltd. and paved the way for it’s rapid development. The people of Huzhou Machine Tool Works Co., Ltd. stably stand in the tide of market economy based on the spirit of indomitable hard working and tenacious struggle and perseverance, step by step toward success.


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